Black Sea Cup 2006

3 october

Black Sea Cup 2006

The European Stage opening. The best EFPT freestylers came to Anapa along with Andre Paskowski, Gunzlein Normen, Petrisie Ruben, Andrea Rosati, Jakub Kosmowski and others. The opening ceremony was very fast. Anapa authority representatives, mayor and another big boy, said their "Hi!" The RWF (Russian Windsurfing Federation) president Mikhail Otdelnov and a representative of the non-Olympic sport committee seconded. All speeches shot fast. The mayor declared that during the Sochi Business Forum held recently it was decided to build a modern windsurfing center in Anapa. People applauded, of course. Further more. Every VIP guest got hold of a lykra. By the curtain the Euro Tour vice-president swooped and followed the short speech tradition. So, the formal part of the opening ceremony was over. The current Russian windsurfing champions were invited to hoist flags. Applauses again.

No wind no start on October 3. But it didnt prevent children to surf. They can chase even in dead calm, you know. Kids rule.

October 4

Black Sea Cup 2006

Neil Pryde arrived at the morning. Oh, Neil Pryde! The legendary man who founded long, long time ago the legendary company that won the whole windsurfing world with their sail canvas. He was accompanied by Tomas Grunder, JP-Australia sales manager. A new tradition "Photo with" which started the last year had found good ground here. No doubt, everyone who owns a camera will proudly demonstrate his photos and explain: "Well, it is me and Neil Pryde".

The wind arouses. Everyone eyes afar in hope to see white caps. There are some, but not enough even for National Windsurfing Class. Nevertheless, race starts are regularly announced. And regularly canceled. Things look similar to one standing on the beach. Red flag-sails streaming to a boat. Yellow flag-the sails crowding around. Green flag--and the sails stretch out along the start line. Here, a few sails split from the group and shot ahead, and the distance between the leaders and other fleet grows. "What a race!" a comment from audience sounds. Supporters start asking about sail numbers and little by little root for their favorites. Meanwhile, the leaders make a tuck. And the main fleet returns to the referees boat. It appears the race is canceled. And again Red flag. It was 9 starts made today, but only one counted.

Black Sea Cup 2006

Then it was a party time. They announced the next day competitions and showed a joke movie "about Scottish planteds in Russia". After that, a group of musicians in Scottish costumes and with proper Scottish musical instruments appeared. Of course, a bagpipe was there. The musicians started and the party attendees went dancing. No doubt, Scots are cheerful. Their music sparks and forces people to drink a lot. And everyone dances. The wind calm, sun and 8 weather-bound races are not that good entertainment and people thirst for shows. Well, a beauty contest was announced and 5 innocent girls involved (they were seduced with prizes from ONeil and an opportunity to catwalk along the scene :-). Probably, there is no need to describe the contest in details and how the queen was chosen. As it is used to be in Scotland, the contest was also "correct"no ball-dress, no stupid "intellectual contests", no defile before the respectable audience. As it is used to be in Scotland, the girl who contrives to get the public worked up wins the contest. Well, how a girl can do it? Right! Tits! sorry, it slipped out :-) Lets look at photos and regret that didnt come to Black Sea Cup 2006!

The kids fought the whole day. The blaze of "adult" struggle in Junior Class did not calm down even at the evening. Even at the evening at the race-office a lot of protests were overviewed. It is interesting that the most popular protest was "it seems to me that the competitors have bigger sail". All disputes were safely solved with the kind assistance of tape-measures and special knowledge the official measurer, National Class official measurer Alexander Druzhinin (RUS-12), had.

October 5

Thus spoke Zarathustra, or as our old pal Einstein said-everything is relative in the entire world. Today it was a super windy day (relative to the Black Sea Cup 2006). At the same time, the wind was dreg (relative to wind in general). As for normal freeriders, today it was a humiliating wind. No one of them could understand if it would be enough for planning or not, should they rig the gear or better relax. EFPT Team participants felt revivedthey got their stand-by notice and the water got filled with label-florid sails. By the middle of the day all freestyle competition participants drove together to the Malaya Bukhta bay (right beyond the cape close by the yacht club). There they posed for cameras. So called "photo session". Unfortunately, I failed to see that spectacular show because Id been shooting National Windsurfing Class races and Windsurfing Class Navigator races. As a compensation of all those missed spokes, flakas and other-unknown-new-cool-elements performed by the world freestyle elite, I happened to take a historical photothe eminent jibe fall of the leader, Alexander Platitsin that cost him his gold award; it made the championship to get to a new intrigue and amused the audience. My "paparazzi" day was successful :-)

Well, adults contended and kids contended as well. Who doubts? The young and growing Russian Dunkerbecks and Maynards already caught the taste of victory and were not going to stop.

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