Black Sea Cup 2006

6 october

Black Sea Cup 2006

The morning confirmed the nasty weather forecast. There was no wind. Gosh! Well, ok, the organizers decided, say, we dont need wind. They brought helmets and buoys-"sausages" for super-X. Their faces smirked. So it was understandable that attendees would not face a piece of cake. Well, considering kids who spent the whole day just triangling, a more terrible decision was hardly thought out. X-battle, thats how they called that awful replacement of the key race of the National Class and of the key race of the Euro Tour. Rules were simple. Two teams of two members each were involved in match. The team that loose would be out of the competition. Contenders should force both opposite players to drop their swords or fall off their horses. They didnt find any horse there, but they occasionally had starboard GO. Well, in that case the swords were replaced with those "sausages" that many people like Sergey "Makar" Makarenko (the first Russian champion in Super-X) love to jump over. Despite of the gentleman nature of the competition a team of ladies also took part. The girls even managed to make one of their rivals fell down so they were in a majority, but the remaining man saddled his will and unhorsed the offenders one by one. For that he was awarded with storm of applause from the man part of the audience. The final battle was alike. Remaining alone Alexander Platitsin in long and spectacular combat stacked down the opponents.

Only by the evening kids emulating the whole day got back to the beach. Comparing what these kids did and the current adult champions did in their childhood one can make an ambiguous conclusion: well, you guys have not much leftsee how serious the new generation is.

October 7

Black Sea Cup 2006

No wind. Well, as always. No wind, no race. As always. Even kids didnt chase. Well, real heroes of the Black Sea Cup 2006 can finally relax, play some innocent game, talk or just lie down under the Sun becoming brown, or swim in still warm water of the wonderful Black Sea. There are 16 arduous races astern around big triangle with pumping and maneuvering, in lifejackets over wetsuits, under the parching sun, with crappy wind in sails. After noon there take place the Class Navigator (juniors) award ceremony. Winners got cups, medals and gearsbooms, masts, boards, etc. After the ceremony, everyone who whished went to the local dolphin show.

By 4 p.m. people started heading toward Vysoky Bereg. The award ceremony for adult classes lasted much longer. The organizers, sponsors and VIPs commanded high speeches, winners got cups, medals, certificates, gears and Champaign bottles. The Champaign then was used to sluice over the standing-too-close audience including correspondents and TV-operators.

It was festive and fun. And a little bit sorrowful at the same time. Anapa was over. Everything is over when time comes. It was good enough in Anapa this year. Even "no wind" didnt ruin our sport festival. It was nice to see that the competition was organized excellently. All infrastructures on the beach, general organization level, all particulars including media providing and food supply. It was warm, sunny and cozy on the shore of the yacht club. Well, all those told on girls in bikinithey crowded the beach. The number of people with professional photo and video cameras pointed that the action attracts more and more attention in mass-media. And thats very good. And so many children. Their number and their professional level inspire us with a great optimism. Finally, we can see how they pave the way for the bright future of the Russian Windsurfing. Lets hope that in a few years we will have a chance to watch our windsurfers not only in isolated instances but also, say, support them during all stages of FW and PWA.

Windseekers, 2006

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